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General Body Meetings

General Body Meeting (or GBMs) will be a meeting for mentors only that will occur once a month. We will introduce the topic of the month that we will be discussing at the Crown to Crown meeting with mentees. Mentors are also encouraged to personally speak on the topic of the month with mentees throughout the month.

Crown to Crown Meetings

Crown to Crown meetings will follow the monthly GBM and will include both mentors and mentees. At this meeting, all mentors and mentees will connect as a group through various games & activities, group discussions, and more. 

Group Activity Day

Group activity days will be a day filled with great fun and bonding time. The activity will vary on a monthly basis ranging from photoshoots to guest speakers to service projects and more. A day you won't want to miss! 

Benefits of Being a Member

  • Having a mentee
  • Service hours registered with UCF
  • Crown to Crown t-shirt
  • Ability to join a committee
  • Access to Group Activity Days
   Dues to become a member are $25 per semester or $35 for the year
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