Crown to Crown is focused on creating a friendly and uplifting environment for girls, both mentors and mentees, alike. We hope for our program to be a vital learning experience for every girl involved, as well as, a loving social environment.

Our specific goals for both mentors and mentees are as follows:

1. Personal growth through the mentorship experience.

2. Development of self-love, confidence, individuality, goal-setting, and the strive for achievement.

3. Providing a positive and healthy all-girls environment.

4. Empowerment to make good life choices, reach goals, and dream big.

5. Fun!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a sisterhood of excellence through mentorship with young girls in our community by providing valuable insight, support, and friendship to encourage self-love, empowerment, and achievement.


Danielle Justilien

My Story

"Being a dark-skinned, Haitian girl made grade school a very trying time for me. As you may know, kids can be very cruel, and I was no exception to the rule. As a result, my self-love, confidence, and happiness all took a hit. Thankfully, I have been blessed with a wonderful older sister who always encouraged me, supported me, and taught me to be confident in myself and focus on becoming a better me. Not everyone is blessed to have someone like her in their lives, which is why I wanted to be able to provide that for young girls in my community.​"


The group of lovely ladies working behind the scenes to make Crown to Crown possible.


    Health Sciences Major

Kamaya Bennett

1st Vice President

Jade McCoy

Human Communication

2nd Vice President

Laila Kimble

            Psychology Major


Brianna Taylor

         Health Sciences
      (Pre Clinical Track)


Brianna Taylor



Vanessa Muhati

     Mechanical Engineering

Jaylnn Jones

           Political  Science
            (Pre-Law Track)

Public Relations Manager

Event Manager #1

Thena Gates

Biomedical Sciences 

Event Manager #2

Aritzia Guerra

Medical Laboratory Sciences

Membership Manager

Jessy Ntabo

Biomedical Sciences
  (Neuroscience Track)

Outreach Manager


Racquel Wise